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Forum Rules - admin - 05-26-2018

Please read this rules:

    • Don't post underage girls!!!
    • Don't post professional/studio porn
    • Use only allowed filehosts
    • No Link Protectors (only protectors from filehosts allowed!)
    • No links to other sites/forums/blogs
    • Only one account per user and two threads in section for similar content
    • No copyright stuff

    Each member is personally liable for content that is publishedSpam is prohibited in any form, including spam via private messagesBest regards,Admin

RE: Forum Rules - admin - 06-01-2018

The first and most important rule:

teen section shall be allowed only videos and pictures over 18 years old.
We will not tolerate any other files. If we find child and minor files in Your streams
we will remove the entire stream without warning. If you post illegal content a second time
we will ban your account.